Adding a den to your home can add value to your home and provide very versatile living space for your family. A San Diego den addition can offer a cozy family space or a quiet retreat. No matter how your family chooses to use the space, it will be a welcome addition to your house.

San Diego Den Additions
The first decision you will need to make is how and where you will add the den. Will you convert existing space, finish unused space, or build an addition? You can convert an unused room to a den fairly easily and quickly. You can also finish attic space or space in the basement. Finishing these spaces offers both challenges and opportunities you will want to consider carefully.

• Converting attic space, either over the house or over a garage, offers many opportunities in design. The space under the eaves that is too low for conventional use makes wonderful storage, as well. The biggest challenge in designing a den in the attic is figuring out how to access the new space. You will need to plan for stairs somewhere; and this will involve changes to the space below it.

• Converting basement space also offers many possibilities. But before you convert space in your basement you will need to check for dampness and address any problems. You will also need to comply with local building codes regarding access and egress, as well as windows in the new space.

Building an addition to your home, you will also need to consider building and zoning laws and codes. You will need to check on required setback from the property line. The most important consideration is how and where the new addition will join the existing structure and what kind of changes in the existing floor plan will be needed.

San Diego Den Additions
One very popular way to add a den is to extend the end of the kitchen. If you plan to use the den as a family gathering place, this can be a great choice because it makes the kitchen the point of access to the den. Whether you make the den completely open to the kitchen or you only use a standard door to connect the rooms, you will also need to think about how you will build the den in this particular location.

Wherever you add to your home, there are some important considerations:

What is the grade of the land?
What kind of foundation will you build?
Can you match the exterior material with the rest of the house?
How will the roof of the addition connect with the rest of the roof?
How will you connect to the heating and cooling system?
Will you include a fireplace?
From these basic questions and considerations you will have great latitude in planning the design aspects of your new San Deigo addition. You will be able to create a room that sets a mood for any type of use.

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