Our Design Process

Here at Artistic Design and Remodeling, our “Certified Interior Designers” work closely together with our clients to insure a successfully designed project. Each project is carefully assessed and planned to bring together a wonderful end result that truly defines creativity and beauty.

Even though, each project is unique and requires varying details, our designers devote the necessary time to insure every detail is considered to complete each project.  Details that rang from cabinet designs that promote functionality and style, to flooring and counter top choices, using natural stone or eco-friendly composites, rest assured all options can be discussed in detail and considered for any project.

Each project is designed with drawings and varying perspectives, showing details from cabinetry layouts as well as counter tops, fixture placements, appliances, electrical floor plans and lighting plans.  Moreover, every detail is visible regarding tile patterns on floors or showers to back splashes as well as placement of shower fixtures and shower glass enclosures.  In addition, experienced architects prepare all the necessary drawings and plans for projects requiring them as well as engineering drawings with structural details and calculations too.

Our design process also includes taking care of all the necessary legalities regarding your project and insures that our team of professionals follow every letter of the building code.  This is ensured each day during construction as well as each stage of the construction process while ADR representative meets with city inspectors during your project inspections.  We represent our clients in every way and insure that the entire construction process is handled with precision and accuracy.  

Regardless of the size and scope of any project, our extensive experience with our engineers and architects are able to assess any project of its potentiality. Whether a client would like to have an entire second story, an entire home built or just extra space in a kitchen or bath room, we have the ability to assess every option and deliver clear choices regarding all structural possibilities.   

If you are considering a construction project, ADR and our team of professionals will assist you in every detail.  We will insure that your project is completed in a timely manner and with no cost over runs regardless of size and scope. Request a quote or a free consultation today and allow us the opportunity to earn your trust too.