Our Mission Statement

We at Artistic Design And Remodeling, are very excited to know that you are possibly pursuing a remodeling project for your home. We know that no matter how large or small any construction project may be, it is very important and personal to you and your entire family.

Whether this is your first project or you have had multiple projects in the past, we know how important it is to make sure that every aspect is handled correctly, meticulously with care and precision. This is why making sure the contractor you or your family hires is the one that will be experienced, professional and thorough. This is crucial, not only in the way they conduct their business but during the entire construction process as well. Moreover, integrity and cleanliness should be present in their staff, their subcontractors, and in the way they leave your home every day until your project is complete. These are only a few basic examples of details, which should be considered before choosing a contractor.

At Artistic Design And Remodeling, we take pride in making sure that every detail is taken care of, from concept to completion and we do everything possible to complete each project on time or sooner, and within budget. Every day, we work towards making the entire process from beginning to end professional, safe, clean and above all else, completed beyond our clients' every expectations.

Our catch phrase is “Where personal touch never fades away” for two reasons; Firstly, our designers with unequaled talent for creativity and style can turn any project into a long lasting and awe inspiring reality where the thrill and excitement lives on and on. Secondly, because we promise to be there for our clients in a way that leaves them feeling they are the most important clients we have. Not just in the beginning like other remodelers but each and every day their project is underway from start to completion.

If we at Artistic Design And Remodeling aren’t giving clients more than they hoped for in every way, well then we simply wouldn’t be doing our job. Here at ADR, our job isn’t simply where we go to work every day, it is where we have the opportunity to reveal to others our character, honor and integrity.

- Lord R. Shah, President