“Where personal touch never fades away”

Artistic Design and Remodeling Warranty

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At Artistic Design And Remodeling, we stand behind our work further than the normal period of conventional contractors. Our precision to follow every letter of the building code, as well as the exact installation specifications required of all building products, allows us to put a tremendous amount of faith and accountability behind our work. Moreover, it allows our clients to put their continued trust in us, knowing we will treat them with the same personal attention, as we did during their projects. In the State of California, it is a requirement that Contractors have a minimum of one year warranty, also known as the, “Fit and Finish Warranty.” In the building industry, this is the most common warranty, used by contractors. Unfortunately, one year warranty allows most contractors to get in and out of their accountability, and doesn’t say much for their quality of work.

Here, at Artistic Design And Remodeling, we have the up most faith and confidence in our work, that’s why we will guarantee our projects for a minimum of three years. This means that if there is any issue that was to arise in the future, our clients will be able to sleep at night knowing, we will simply take care of it. At ADR, we feel that if we are able to honor this kind of warranty, our clients will know that we are the kind of company, we truly say we are. This is just another opportunity to continue to reveal our ethics and integrity to our clients.

If you are considering a construction project, ADR and our team of professionals will assist you in every detail. We will insure that your project is completed on budget and on time, regardless of size and scope. Request a quote or a free consultation today and allow us the opportunity to earn your trust too.